One-stop processing from planning to manufacturing

Planning and Designing

With 53 years of manufacturing lighting equipment, Seiko, as an expert factory with wealth of experience and proven results, has gained every know-how in the field.

Accumulating experience from manufacturing parts to assembling a whole product, for the sake of meeting demands of clients with various characters, our manufacturing is in a state of evolution even today.

"Using manufacturing technology to provide an overall design process."
is our greatest strength backed by long-term engagement in the real field of manufacturing.

 Our cross-sectional production system covers Planning & Development, Die cast, Parts and Assembly, with immediate accessibility to testing environment including Light distribution, Temperature measurement / tolerance and so forth; quality and performance are checked directly without limitation of times until satisfaction is obtained.

 Our close cooperation between Modeling & Initialization of mass-production and factory, and between Quality Control and Quality Design, provides reliable and lossless design process. A wide range of organizations and facilities of our own makes it possible for us to meet a variety of customer demands.

- Our main workflow of designing lighting equipment

Light Distribution Design

Light Distribution Data describes angle and intensity of light generated by equipment. It shows the basic characteristics of equipment and is used for Luminance Calculation.

For a Lighting plan of a space, by obtaining data such as mechanism efficiency, upper/downward beam, lighting rate, intervals and horizontal/vertical illuminance, design changes and part modifications we repeated with an uncompromised attitude, until the light evaluated in the goniophotometer chamber best fits clients' ideal.

*Seiko looks forward to receiving light distribution test requests.

Covering overall development process

Seiko provides overall development process from LED module development to electric power development, as well as designing lighting equipment.

In our sustained pursuit of quality and production rate, as well as energy efficiency and comfort, we propose high-quality products applicable to a clients' sophisticated space.

Providing Custom-made products

In order to meet client requests, Seiko offers a complete set of environments for development including light source selection and reflector design.

Reflectors, especially designed to function in coordination with LED(s) with different characteristics specific to its vender, allows luminous flux incorporation efficiency, which makes the equipment more energy efficient.

specific to its vender, allows luminous flux incorporation efficiency, which makes the equipment more energy efficient.

Moreover, optical glass(es) and more options, for example, as a unit or a combination, can be proposed to give flexibility to the equipment.

The lighting market is facing a turning point where LED technology is advancing rapidly as we speak, urgent planning and development of lighting equipment is our most prioritized task.

From the stage of planning, the experts from the illuminant development, the power supply development, the equipment design departments and the factory, in precise cooperation, support efficient process from modeling to mass-production. Seiko is willing to be a striving partner for any customer. Seiko is your factory and you would be welcomed to contact us with any kind of questions and requests.