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Environmental Test

temperature test

LED beam itself emits no heat but LED chip(s) works as a heat source. Seiko designs equipment, with great importance, to lower the temperature to the point where their performance is maintained.

Special attention is paid to product safety as well as product performance. The environmental test measures temperature at every partial area of a product and monitors its temperature convergence.

Main inspection items
- Dangers of causing injury to human by heat
- Dangers of emitting smoke or fire by heat
- Possibility of stress, deterioration or shorter lifetime of parts used because of heat
- Whether insulator is within its permissive range of temperature
- Potential fire by temperature of contact areas with the building part or the mounting table

The Heat sink has an important function in heat radiation.
Performance of a heat sink affects size and appearance of a whole product. Seiko is researching on shape of a heat sink and selection of the material for heat sink to satisfy the temperature standard.

- example of temperature measurement and graph

Constant temperature and humidity test

Seiko gives strict environmental tests from the stage of a prototype and strictly checks the weak points of products or parts

- Thermal shock test: performance test under rapid temperature change from low to high
- Cycle test exposing an object alternately to low temperature, to room temperature and to high temperature
- Cycle test exposing an object alternately to high temperature and humidity and to room temperature and humidity
- Functionality and characteristics test at low temperature down to –40℃ (ex. for use in a freezer)
- Heat resistance, lifetime expectancy and shock resistance of new materials and structures
- Moisture-proof of a product (ex. for use in a bathroom)
- Moisture-resistance of insulation materials (testing individual materials)

testing facility for constant temperature and humidity test

testing facility for high temperature test

Aging Test

Seiko has aging test equipment for pre-shipment inspection. Aging tests are given under various conditions and detect random failures in ICs and solder, for example.
In addition, total number inspection is given after aging tests.

- insulation resistance / withstand voltage test
- electrical characteristics inspection

*Seiko looks forward to your environmental test requests (temperature test, constant temperature and humidity test, aging test).

About quality control

Seiko's QC unit has two functions, quality design and quality control.

quality design

(1) checking function and shock resistance
(2) checking waterproof
(3) planning radiation such as heat sink
(4) selection of materials for die casting and resin parts
Seiko supports the designer, aiming at improving quality from the planning stage.

quality control

(1) receiving inspection on quality of parts
(2) shipping inspection to mass-products
(3) analysis on defects and process improvement
(4) quality leadership in factory
(5) providing clients with information and explanation about product quality and reliability
Quality control acts aiming at quality maintenance and improvement at the stage of mass-production.

Seiko provides a complete set of manufacturing and testing environments inside the same building. From Planning to Manufacturing & Sales, in collaboration with relevant sections, Seiko is a one-stop shop with stability and rapidity that produces elaborate products applicable to high standards of performance and reliability.