One-stop processing from planning to manufacturing

Metal-sheet factory

Seiko is originated from a spinning factory founded in 1965.

To meet the demand of the mass-production era, Seiko's plating factory introduced a variety of machines such as Spinning machines, Pressing machines, Welding machines, Turning machines, to process iron, stainless steel, and aluminum plates.

Not solely by Seiko, in cooperation with partner factories highly skilled in processing, Seiko gained experience through a wide range of markets including lighting, hair & beauty and aviation.

Die and turning machine processing

Highly skilled craftsmen create press die and mold, spinning molds and jig tools.
Seiko welcomes requests for die and mold production, a prototype production, simple production and maintenance.

spinning processing

Using aluminum, iron and stainless steel as its materials, Seiko is capable of spinning from 10mm to 1000mm in diameter by manual or automatic operation.

pressing processing

The pressing machines of 25–110t give after-treatment to spinned parts, punching and bending.
The machines also manufacture parts by Raising.

Metal-sheet working

in a case of small lot order and many kinds, by using turret punch press, shearing machine, roll machine and brake machine, manufacturing method without having a press pattern reduces initial cost of its development. Seiko suggest the most cost-focused production method considering its lot and shape.


After the plating process, spot welding and automated welding are available for box-shaped fixtures and long objects.

Strong points of the metal-sheet factory

- reflector for lighting (spinning / pressing)
- embedded body for lighting (plating / pressing / rolling)
- rectangular flask (turret punch press / welding)
- movable metal fittings
Seiko provides high-precision parts that require composite methods of processing.
Seiko is equipped with every facility needed for plating, able to materialize from a rough sketch and to produce a prototype and a custom-made product within a short lead-time. In case an item requires a facility such as a Laser machine and a Large-Scale brake machine, our partner factories can handle it with Seiko.

Seiko has various types of die cast in store.

- an overall view of the metal-sheet factory

- facility location

facility location

- facility list

Category Name Manufacturer Number
pattern pressing turning TSUDA 1
radial drilling machine YOSHIDA 2
Sawing machine CAPTAIN 1
NC milling machine SHIZUOKA AN-SRP 2
Surface grinding machine HITACHI GHL-B406 1
spinning automated spinning machine type700 Nihon Spindle
automated spinning machine type1000 Nihon Spindle
spinning machine - 1
welding spot welding machine Amada ID-40-ST 1
automated welding machine Daihen 1
pressing honing machine 25t Nishimae Machine 1
press machine 25t Washino 2
press machine 35t Nagao NCP35 1
oil press machine 25t KOEI KPH-25M 2
oil press machine 60t KOEI KPH-60 1
power press machine 45t Washino 1
power press machine 80t Amada 1
power press machine 110t Amada 1
plating punch press machine Mazak 1
Servo turret punch press machine Muratec 1
brake machine 400 TOYOKOUKI APB-104 1
brake machine 600 TOYOKOUKIHYB-60 1
brake machine 1000 TOYOKOUKI HYB-306 1
Shirring machine 2000 TOYOKOUKI SA2390 1
roll machine - 1