One-stop processing from planning to manufacturing

Die cast factory

The die casting business unit is a one-stop shop covering from pattern design to cast parts, providing high-precision products to wide range of markets including automobile, bike, medical appliance, hair & beauty, construction and more.

- Die casting mold manufacturing
Seiko is fully equipped with facilities capable of producing 5 to 20 types of 15~200-ton class die mold on a monthly basis.
- Die cast parts production
Seiko provides high quality die cast products as well as prototype designs, mass-production casting parts, after-processes, and painting in collaboration with reliable die cast makers.

Seiko is ready to put forward cost-friendly, quality-sustaining production methods

Die mold design

- Designer's Task

Casting pattern is designed so that suspension of operation is not caused frequently by collapse of casting patterns. Seiko also designs user-friendly and long-life patterns, taking into account its production cost and throughput yield.

- Communication between the designer and the operator

In the die-casting unit, the design room is located in the factory of manufacturing. By rigorous exchange of information between the designer and the operator from the beginning to the end of development, shorter lead-time and quality improvement are realized.

- Die casts with entrusted stability

Stable and long-term production capability is the primary task in die-mold production.
Quality of die mold pattern depends on the flow of molten metal.
Seiko offers a solution to developing best products with low defective potential with precision prediction of flows and solidification of molten metal in the pattern.

Die and mold manufacturing


Dedication to die and mold manufacturing

(1) Seiko suggests a dies that can reduce the labor of the after-process to reduce production cost
(2) A die designed with high precision reduces the labor of after-treatment such as removing burrs
(3) A pattern is manufactured so precisely that the product that is cast even for the first time passes the QC standard.
(4) Seiko has a good reputation for its 7-10days shorter delivery than that of other companies.
(5) Seiko provides a pattern having a long-life that is used in mass-production with long time stability

Archive of 4000 patterns

Seiko, equipped with all the facilities needed for die and mold manufacturing such as machining, wire-EDM, NC-EDM, polishers and so on, is capable of processing smoothly in a short time.

We are so skilled and experienced in this field that Seiko succeeded in reducing production cost by using a 1100t-class casting machine instead of using a 2000t-class casting machine.

Reproduction and transition of the existing casting pattern from other factory

 Different designs and different production methods and techniques have a different influence on the end result of finished die and molds. This end result has an effect on after-processes, and thus, has an effect on the cost.
Need for updates of die and mold
Difficulty in keeping deals with the current factory
High defect ratio in the cast product
Need for design change and maintenance
Feel free to contact Seiko with any questions concerning die and mold or cast products made by other companies.
The designer will directly hear and meet your request.

- facility location

facility location

- facility list

Name Number Manufacturer Part number
3D/2D CAD 3 SolidWorks Japan Solid Works
3D CAD/CAM 1 Graphic CAM Tools 2015
3D CAM 1 Sescoi Work NC
machining center 1 Sodick 600MC
machining center 1 OKK MCV-560
wire-electrical discharge machine 1 Sodick AQ327LH
wire-electrical discharge machine 1 Sodick AQ750LH
NC milling machine 2 Makino KSJP
NC surface grinder 1 Hitachi engineering GHL-B506NS
drilling machine 1 Yoshida YGD-900G
radial drilling machine 1 Ogawa iron works HOR-D1600
NC electrical discharge machine 2 Sodick A50R-MARK-21
NC electrical discharge machine 1 Sodick AQ75
electric spark machining 1 Roku-roku Sangyo HC-658
CNC jig borer 1 Yasuda YBM950V
Vertical Machining Center 1 Makino V56i