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At Morimitsu SCM, our work revolves around ``Scrum-style manufacturing.'' Our manufacturing is when your company and our company work together as one team to support each other and create products.
We will support you as your company's manufacturing department.

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Build To Order

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Build To Order

BTO (Build To Order) is a production method in which products are manufactured according to customer orders.
By reusing parts that we own, we can reduce the initial investment and avoid the customer's finished product inventory risk.

What is BTO type contract production?
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made in JAPANESE

What Morimitsu SCM thinks about preserving
Japanese manufacturing

The biggest risk in commercializing a product is inventory. ``Large lots → Unsold or defective → Remaining inventory → Disposal'' This vicious cycle is more likely to occur in overseas production. The optimal solution is to shift the final stage to domestic production = avoid inventory risk. We believe that an efficient and stable manufacturing method is to use both overseas and domestic products depending on the characteristics of the product/parts and the number of lots.

Shift change to domestic production

About Us

Our mission at Seiko SCM is to further refine our "manufacturing capabilities", protect the manufacturing of high-value-added products, and pass on the value of "Made in Japan" to future generations.
In addition, creating an environment in which employees can work with confidence and passion and can be proud of their families, and contributing to the continued vibrancy of Higashi-Osaka, the city of manufacturing, are also important aspects of our corporate activities. purpose.

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