Product design

An integrated system that enables design considering required performance and post-process assembly

Seiko SCM realizes QCD that satisfies customers by not only designing the function and design of products, but also by designing with consideration for manufacturing.
Our company, which has the technology and knowledge of manufacturing, can provide various benefits to our customers, so please leave it to us with peace of mind from the product design stage.


A virtuous cycle created by designing from a manufacturing perspective

  • Prevent the occurrence of defects by checking the drawings based on the design.
  • Early decision can be made as to whether commercialization is possible.
  • The ability to plan the production process in advance leads to smooth commercialization, etc.

Benefits for customers

Merit 1
Satisfying product design and required performance required by customers

By developing the requested product design into 3D-CAD and designing from the components, we can reduce the variation in performance.

Merit 2
Parts selection that can only be done by owning an assembly plant and environmental equipment in-house

We select parts suppliers regardless of whether they are domestic or overseas, depending on the required performance and production volume.
At this stage of prototyping, performing component evaluations in-house can lead to early detection and recovery in the event of defects.

Merit 3
Structural design that suppresses production efficiency and variation

Prototypes are used to check assembly procedures and make corrections.
In addition, by preparing jigs and tools to reduce variations before mass production, efficiency can be improved.

Overall product design