Mold Factory

We can manufacture molds from 15t to 800t class

Our mold factory, which has a cumulative production record of 4,000 molds, can handle everything from prototypes to mass production.
Our mold factory has all the equipment necessary for mold manufacturing, such as machining, electric discharge, wire, and polishing machines, so we can process smoothly and quickly.
In a project that was planned for a 2000t class casting machine designed by another company, we have a track record of reducing product costs by casting with a 1100t casting machine based on our design proposal.
First of all, please let us know your budget and requests. We will respond to your needs with the technology and ideas that we have cultivated through our unique experience.

Merit 1
Do you have any worries about molds? I am available for consultation.

Do you have any of these problems with molds? Please let us know your story and situation.

  • No blueprints or data.
  • I don’t know what kind of manufacturing method (construction method) is the best choice.
  • The supply of products is unstable, and we would like to consider a new customer.
  • We consulted with other companies, but could not come to an agreement in terms of quality and cost.
Merit 2
Maintenance is OK even for products made by other companies! If the actual product is available, it can be reproduced and modified without drawing.

We also provide maintenance services for molds manufactured by other companies. Also, don’t worry if you don’t have product drawings or mold drawings.
It is possible to make a mold if you have the actual item. We 3D scan the product, create a 3D model of the product, and modify the mold based on it.

Merit 3
Wisdom for total cost reduction gained from numerous achievements

As the number of achievements is large, the range of support is wide, so it is possible to support all kinds of products.
We have the experience and knowledge to achieve total cost reductions for each product, so please let us know what you can do.

One-stop arrangement possible

  • Cutting products/prototypes
  • sand casting products
  • die casting products
  • plastic products
  • press products
  • others
Merit 4
Peace of mind with long-life mold design

In addition to preventing production stoppages due to mold structure due to frequent breakage, we also improve yields and design molds that are easy to cast and have a long life, in order to reduce costs.

Merit 5
High-quality mold manufacturing that can be achieved in a short period of time

The mold factory has a design room in the manufacturing process.
From the initial stage of design through the manufacturing process to the final stage, we aim to shorten the lead time and manufacture high-quality molds in a short period of time by having thorough discussions between the designer and each manufacturing staff. It has come true.

Merit 6
Proposing the best method to always cast the best product

The primary mission in mold manufacturing is to maintain stable casting over the long term.
The quality of the mold is greatly influenced by the hot water circulation plan.
By accurately predicting the flow of molten metal and the solidification state during casting, we propose the optimal method for always casting the best product with a low product defect rate.

Mold design

High-precision design and casting are the keys to quick delivery

What is important in mold manufacturing is to propose a design that reduces the burden on the post-process and to reduce the total cost of the product.
A high-precision design will reduce the burden of post-processing (burr removal, etc.) after casting.
In addition, it is unique to our technology that we can finish to the precision that passes the first casting at the time of the first casting. We have actually received feedback from our clients regarding our short delivery times (about 1 week to 10 days earlier than other companies).
We provide long-life molds that enable stable casting for a long period of time even after the start of mass production. Please feel free to contact us.


Die casting mold manufacturing

Prototype design, mass production casting parts, post-processing, painting
High quality guaranteed

In cooperation with reliable casting manufacturers, we provide high-quality die-cast products, including prototype design, mass-production casting parts, post-processing, and painting.
We actively propose manufacturing methods to keep manufacturing costs down and maintain stable quality.



Molds and castings made by other companies are also OK.

Depending on the mold design, manufacturing method, and manufacturing technology, the finished quality of the cast product will also differ. The finish quality of cast products also affects post-processing, which ultimately affects costs. If you have any questions about molds or castings made by other companies, please feel free to contact us. We will listen directly to your requests and respond in detail.

Do you have any trouble like this?

  • I need to update the model soon.
  • Difficult to continue business at the current foundry
  • Mold design changes and maintenance required
  • High defect rate of cast products

Entire mold factory

Entire mold factory

Equipment list

Owned equipment Maker model Number
Machining Makino V56i 1
OKK MCV560 1
OKK GR400 1
wire electric
discharge machine
Sodick AQ327L 1
Sodick AG75L 1
General purpose
milling cutter
Makino AE85 1
Polishing machine HITACHI GHL-B506NS 1
Radial drilling
OGAWA HOR-1600 1
Kira Iron Works KU-40 1