Let’s Go to Kooba!” 2019 Open Factory on Business

Let’s go to Koba! Open Factory

Last year, the “Let’s Go to Kooba! The event was more successful than initially expected, and was a new initiative to open “KOBA”, the site of local industry, to the public as it is.

This year, we have decided to hold the event at the Higashi-Osaka Industrial Fair as a traveling open factory so that visitors can experience “KOBA” more closely. At the event, elite companies from Higashi-Osaka will gather for a live performance. In addition to experiencing craftsmanship live, visitors will be able to make musical instruments on the spot and participate in live performances, as well as experience “making things” by making stationery together with craftspeople. This will be a great opportunity to participate in and experience local industry, which is in fact closely connected to our daily lives, so please come and join us.

Events to be held

  • Craftsmanship Live Performance
  • Make your own musical instrument and join the live performance!
  • Craftsmen will be in the shopping street. Let’s make stationery!

Date & Time

Saturday, September 21, 2019 10:00-17:00 Sunday, September 22, 2019 10:00-19:00
*Slight rain or stormy weather will be cancelled.


  • Clare Hall Fuse (“Craftsmanship Live Performance”)
  • Special venue in Fuse Ekimae Shopping Street (“Craftsmen in the shopping street. Let’s make stationery!)

(Craftsmen in the shopping arcade, let’s make stationery! Let’s make stationery! will be by reservation only on the day of the event (first-come-first-served basis).

Implementing company

Ltd., Kyowa Kogyo Corporation,Settsu Kinzoku Kogyosho Corporation,Fuse Metal Industry Corporation,Matsushita Kosakusho Corporation, Morimitsu SCM Co.


Higashi-Osaka City (Monozukuri Support Office),Kinki University(Department of Cultural Design, Faculty of Arts and Letters)

Please also refer to the special page of the event for a roundtable discussion between Kusaba, Yoshiyuki Tatsumi, Director of the Monozukuri Support Office of the Higashiosaka City Economic Affairs Department, and Professor Masakatsu Nishino of Kinki University.

Let’s go to Kooba! Open Factory is a co-sponsored event of the Higashi-Osaka Industrial Fair 2019.

Higashi-Osaka Industrial Fair 2019 Co-sponsored Event

Manufacturing Workshop Academy

Hands-on event for kids and families

A large gathering of Higashi-Osaka’s manufacturing companies! A free rally will also be held.
Venue / Fuse Station North Exit Transportation Plaza
* Workshops are charged. The rally will be limited to a certain number of participants each day.

Nigiwai Zone

Eat, play, and have fun! A large gathering of famous restaurants in Higashi-Osaka. Venue: Fuse Station North Exit Transportation Plaza

Experience the industry and liveliness that will lead to the future Events in the city’s shopping streets

Various events will be held at shopping streets in the city.

Hanazono Honmachi Shotengai / Vernor Fuse Meitenkai / Fuse Shotengai Liaison Association / Fuse Station North Nibangai Shotengai Promotion Association / Hirokoji Shotengai / Pazapa Hanazono Shotengai / Iwata Kita Hon Dori Shotengai

For inquiries about the Higashi-Osaka Industrial Fair 2019, please contact: Higashi-Osaka Industrial Fair 2019 Secretariat
06-4980-0056 (Secretariat: J:COM West Inc. Higashi-Osaka Bureau)

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