Let’s Go to Kooba! Notice of Participation in Symposium

We are pleased to announce that our CEO, Mr. Kusaba, will be speaking at a symposium hosted by Kinki University titled “What is the Urban Branding of Open Factories? Kusaba, our president, will be speaking at the symposium.
As “Let’s go to KOBA! As the “chairperson of the executive committee,” I will be speaking about how to think about “how a factory should be” for the future of “manufacturing that leads to city-building. I will talk about how we should think about “how we should be as a factory” for the future of “manufacturing that leads to community building”.

Let’s go to Kooba! In addition to the “Kouba e ikou!” event, the participants of the “Tsubame-Sanjo Factory Festival” in Niigata and the “Ota Open Factory” in Tokyo will gather to discuss their respective open factory initiatives and the significance of their work.
This is a last-minute announcement, but we invite everyone to attend.

Date and Time December 21, 2019 (Sat) 13:30-16:30
Venue Room 301, Building A, E Campus, Kinki University
SpeakersTsubame-Sanjo Let’s go toOta Open FactoryKouba, a festival of factories!
Organized byDepartment of Cultural Design, Faculty of Literature and Arts,Kinki University
Supported byHigashi-Osaka City