After the internship

A student from Fuse Technical High School who completed a three-day internship.

He seemed a little nervous because he was the only participant this time, but he worked earnestly until the end.

Here are his impressions.

 I came to this company because I was given the opportunity to do an internship.

At first, I was all anxious, but when I arrived at the company, I found that everyone was kind and spoke to me, which made me happy and relieved.

On the second day, I saw machines I had never seen before in the sheet metal shop, and I was very interested in them.

On the third day, we worked in the assembly plant. I was also interested in the tools and parts I had never seen before.

I felt that I was able to experience and learn a lot during these three days.

And I am really glad that I came to Morimitsu SCM.

Thank you very much for these three days.

(Sophomore, Nuno Kensetsu Kakou High School)

Thank you very much for your hard work over the past three days. I think I was able to understand how hard it is to “work” during these three days.

Thanks to you, we also learned a lot and learned a lot from you.

We are very glad that you were able to come.

(Internship supervisor: Yasuyuki Kouji)

I want to make the most of my remaining precious time as a student, as if I am about to enter the workforce.

The ambition to seek one step ahead will lift you up.

Believe in your own strength and move forward gamely!

(Representative of Morimitsu SCM, Kusaba)