Collaboration room with Jankara Deep Fuse opened

Jumbo Karaoke Plaza (Junkara), a karaoke box chain, will open its new “Deep Fuse Store” on June 24, 2022 (Friday).

SEIKOSCM collaborated with Mayumi Kuwayama, a contemporary art artist and space designer, to produce the space in one of the rooms of the “Deep Fuse Store”.

What is Deep Fuse Store?

The concept of the store is rooted in the community, inspired by the town of Fuse in Higashi Osaka, where “Jankara Deep Fuse Store” is located, and its shopping district.

In the past, Jankara has opened stores with unique features such as concept rooms, as well as the “Jajankara Kyoto University Box Store” in collaboration with Kyoto University.

The “Deep Fuse Store” is a karaoke room with a unique space that differs from all other stores as a store rooted in the community.

Each karaoke room has a different concept, so customers can enjoy a variety of karaoke room spaces each time they enter the store.

In addition, the store has an open space called “Karaoke Cafe Deep,” where customers can enjoy singing while drinking alcohol at the counter.

Details of “Junkara Deep Fuse Store

B1-1F A+FUSE Building, 1-2-1 Nagado, Higashiosaka-shi, Osaka 577-0056, Japan

Press Release “Jankara Deep Fuse Store Grand Opening on June 24!

Be in Nature Room

The “Be in Nature Room” is a collaboration between SEIKOSCM and Mayumi Kuwayama, a contemporary art artist and space designer.

The wall painting by Ms. Kuwayama and “PLATREE”, a product of our lighting brand “NEEL”, will create Nature in the space.

The concept of “PLATREE” is to create a space that is a part of nature.

The “Be in Nature Room” is a space where you can feel yourself being a part of nature (=Be in Nature).

Interview with Jankara x Jankara

How did you come to be in charge of producing the space for “Jankara Deep Fuse”?

Mr. Kuwayama and Hiroko Kusaba, our representative, had an interview.

They talked about the concept of the “Be in Nature Room” and their thoughts on their activities,

Please check it out as well.

Be in Nature Room (collaboration with Mayumi Kuwayama, Morimitsu SCM)