Seminar No.1 -Easy and neat storage

Last week was seminar week.

On Wednesday and Friday, seminars were held with outside speakers.

First, let’s start with “Easy and Neat Storage Techniques,” which was attended by almost all employees on Wednesday.

The lecturer was Atsuko Oike, an interior designer specializing in storage and representative of Kurashi no Chie “HOROTO.

We are considering renovating our office space and the entire company, so this is the first step in raising awareness toward that goal.

She introduced some things that could be easily incorporated with reference to actual renovation cases.

Decide where things belong.

Return things to their original positions after taking them out.

You may know this in your head, but you may not be able to do it….

Of course, there are people who have done it.

Let’s use this seminar as an opportunity to clean out the drawers first.