Representative Kusaba will speak at the Monodzukuri Nippon Kaigi seminar.

Communication & Branding Management” for Manufacturing Companies in the Shared Economy Driven by Social Media

Our CEO, Mr. Kusaba will be speaking at the webinar to be held at the Monodzukuri Nippon Conference.

Outline of the seminar
Date: Friday, March 17, 2023
Time: from 14:00
Method: Online (Zoom)
Fee: Free

Registration Deadline March 16 (Thu.) 13:00
Hosted by Monodzukuri Nippon Conference

Application from the Monodzukuri Nippon Conference website
*Registration deadline: March 16, 2023 (Thu.)

14:00-15:00 【Lecture 1】 “The First Year of SNS
20 years after the “First Year of SNS”: Transition and Future of Marketing & Communication (Branding) Management in the Social Media Era

Speaker: Mr. Tomoaki Kato, President of “ARIESCOM,” a web communication management support business

▶15:00-16:00 【Lecture 2】.
Soar up, Higashi-Osaka, a town of manufacturing – Marketing and communication for “business co-creation

Speaker: Hiroko Kusaba, President, Seiko SCM Co! Executive Committee Chairperson

What is the Monodzukuri Nippon Conference?

The Monodzukuri Nippon Conference aims to “realize a manufacturing society that can grow sustainably” by addressing the constraints of population, environment, and resources, and to “foster a manufacturing climate and culture” unique to Japan that is respected around the world.

Taking advantage of the characteristics of a platform (collaborative organization) that networks many people involved in manufacturing, we hold research meetings, study groups, and symposiums on themes of high interest in response to government growth strategies and global industrial trends. The organization is unique in the world in that it specializes in manufacturing, and is the predecessor of the Monodzukuri Promotion Council, which was established in 2007.

Currently, there are 8 co-chair members, 18 permanent executive members, 39 executive members, 32 general members, and approximately 2,000 companies including supporting members.

(Taken from the website of the Monodzukuri Nippon Conference