After the business succession seminar.

March 11, last Friday

SEIKOSCM’s CEO, Mr. Kusaba, spoke at a seminar on business succession, sharing his own personal experience.

SEIKOSCM has been in the family business succession for three generations: grandfather, father, and daughter.

The third generation, who originally had no plans to take over our company and assumed the position as a temporary pinch-hitter, began by learning about the manufacturing industry.

He studied intensively about what is considered common knowledge in the industry and how things are made, and succeeded in restoring the company’s management.

Now, as a new challenge, he has launched his own brand and is actively engaged in cultural activities that take advantage of the town factory setting.

Throughout this seminar, I thought again about what it means to take over a company’s business.

Since each company has its own culture and culture, it is natural that there is no right answer for business succession, but our company’s approach is to understand the existing culture of the organization, and while retaining the good parts, bring innovation to the parts that need to be changed.

Our company celebrated its 60th anniversary last year, and while continuing to carry on the unique culture we have had since our founding, we will always challenge new things and pursue an out-of-the-box attitude in a positive sense in order to remain a company that is needed by society for a long time to come.

During the seminar, one of the representative’s words was, “When you can create your own vision clearly, that is when you have truly succeeded in your business! This phrase means that we are able to succeed a business when we have a clear vision of what we want to do.

I feel that this phrase applies not only to the position of the representative who is in charge of business succession, but also to the mindset of the staff who work there.

What do you want to achieve in the company?

If we can clearly envision such things, we believe that we can grow together with the company toward our dreams.

With this in mind, we will continue to be an energetic SEIKOSCM from tomorrow.