Hands-on educational product “Craft Kit with Craftsman Experience” <On sale for a limited time from February 17, 2023>.

Hands-on Educational Product “Craft Kit with Craftsman Experience” to Touch the Skills of Town Factories and Craftsmen | NEWSCAST

(Higashi Osaka, Osaka; President: Hiroko Kusaba) has expanded into sheet metal processing, assembly, and die-casting molds over the 60 years since its establishment, and together with partner companies mainly in Higashi Osaka, has played a part in manufacturing, mainly die-casting parts and lighting fixtures, to meet the needs of the times as mass production shifts to high-mix, low-volume production. We have been playing a part in manufacturing, mainly die-cast parts and lighting fixtures, to meet the needs of an era in which mass production has been replaced by high-mix low-volume production.

As the number of local factories, which is one of Higashi-Osaka’s strengths, continues to decline, we are working to create a town that can adapt to the environment and survive by breaking away from a subcontracting structure and making multiple use of factories as assets, while preserving “monozukuri” (manufacturing) that will continue in the future. As part of this effort, we will begin selling craft kits with hands-on craftsman experience under the theme of “education.

The craft kit with hands-on craftsman experience was planned in collaboration with local factories in Higashi-Osaka, and was commercialized from a workshop held at the Higashi-Osaka City commissioned open factory event “Let’s go to Kouba! a project commissioned by the City of Higashiosaka.

The workshop is a product of the Open Factory event Let’s go to Kouba!
The program will allow visitors to experience the joy of craftsmanship by providing a hands-on craftsman experience program that allows them to visit manufacturing sites that are normally inaccessible to them.
The program is a commissioned project of Higashiosaka City, and was planned as an open factory event called “Let’s go to Kouba! a project commissioned by Higashiosaka City, as a hands-on educational product.

◎Contents of the craft kit with artisan experience
The craft kit with artisan experience is a set of a craft kit that you can assemble by yourself and an artisan experience program at a local factory. This is a great value “hands-on educational product” as a spring break manufacturing experience.

■Product Details
Product Name: Airplane Craft Kit + Craftsman Experience Program
Retail Price: 12,000 yen (including tax)
How to Purchase: SEIKOSCM store ( https://co-ba-2855.stores.jp/ )
*Other “craft kits” are also available separately.

<About the Craft Kit>
The shape was planned by a group of craftsmen from a factory, and is so realistic that you can feel the attention to detail.
By assembling the fine sheet metal parts at home using tools such as screwdrivers, you can complete a cool-looking airplane. Not only children, but also adults will enjoy building this challenging craft kit.
*Needed separately
・Plus screwdriver

<About the Craftsman Experience Program:
Visitors can experience the fun and excitement of craftsmanship by working with craftspeople to create works of art using scrap wood from local factories. You can visit a factory that is usually closed to visitors and experience firsthand the wonder of craftsmanship.
We will provide the necessary tools such as screwdrivers for the experience.
Transportation to the factory is at your own expense.

(2-8-25 Kishidado-Nishi, Higashiosaka City, Osaka 577-0848, Japan)
8 minute walk from exit 1, Kitatsumi Subway Station
*If you are coming by car, please use a nearby toll parking lot.

Date : 2 times 1st time … Friday, March 31st , 2nd time … Friday, April 7th
Time : Part 1 10:00-12:00, Part 2 14:00-16:00
How to participate : “Airplane Craft Kit + Craftsman Experience Program” and make a reservation in advance via the reservation form
Experience contents: Chokotto Shokunin*
Factory tour, etc.

What is a “Chotto Shokunin”? Craftsmen will help you with the production.