Takumi Sofa (Umeda Harbis ENT)

February 26, Takumi Sofa Shop Osaka Branch opened at Umeda Harbis ENT.
The reasons for the popularity of Takumi Sofa are:
“Highest level of seating comfort”
“Sofa covers to choose from (200 types)”
“Ten-year warranty because it won’t break”.
And “cheap replacement covers”!
This is a popular sofa store focusing on high quality.

<Fixtures used

SPBU-001(M)27 x 22 units ( Universal down light)

SPBS-001(M/W) 27 x 57 units ( plug spotlight)
Plug type spotlight is a special order item.
(Listed in Nani Collection)

Takumi sofa http://www.takumi-sofa.com/
neel http://www.scm-neel.com/index.html

From the clientー
The glare of the lighting does not directly enter your eyes, and you don’t feel the presence of the lighting. And yet, when you look up at the ceiling, it creates a luxurious atmosphere, which is very nice.
The shadows are beautiful, and the floor, sofa, furniture, and plants give the impression of high quality.
This type of lighting is not often used in interior stores and furniture stores, but we like it very much because it creates a new and unprecedented furniture presentation.
(Takumi Sofa Shop)

Takumi Sofa Shop Osaka (Umeda Herbis ENT)

Takumi Sofa Shop Osaka (Umeda Herbis ENT)

Takumi Sofa Shop Osaka (Umeda Herbis ENT)