Festival of Factories

The “Festival of Factories” was held in Tsubame-Sanjo, Niigata from October 1 to 4.

Eleven of us, including staff members from the manufacturing site, went to the festival.

This year, 68 companies, the largest number ever, participated in the festival.

The factory town with the largest number of presidents in Japan is changing its form in accordance with the times, the town of factories, with the largest number of presidents in Japan, continues to bustle with activity as a place for the maintenance of manufacturing rooted in the community and for the transmission of new ideas.

As a factory town, I came back with a big shock.

Mr. Suwada Seisakusho, a world-class nail clipper brand.
Inside the factory, the machines and uniforms are all monotone.
Making the work being done stand out.
In the store located across from the factory, visitors can actually try using the nail clippers.
Coffee is also available on the terrace.
Sanjo Special Foundry / “Mr. Santoku” cast metal enameled pots.
The iron to be used for the pot is being melted.
The sight of iron more silky than water flowing in is breathtaking.
Kitchen knives by Yoshikane Seisakusho / Yamaya Sangyo.
The beautiful engraving that is done on the spot shows everything.
Forging scene at Yamamura Seisakusho, maker of the charismatic hairdresser’s shears.
Dawn! The bright red steel sheets, layered in 11 layers, are flowing down the line.
After going through several mechanical processes, the final product is finished by hand.
This is common to all factories.
It is a part that cannot be lost, even if times change.
The first process is the “Karashibori” (drawing from the bottom of the barrel)! Tokita Factory
Tamagawa-do” is an intangible cultural asset workshop.
A single disk-shaped copper plate is beaten to create the shape down to the spout.

There were still many more factories worth seeing, and it was impossible to visit them all in two days!

Just on the 2nd, it was the birthday of Mr. Morita, the manager of the mold department! We all wrote a little note and gave him some rice from Niigata as a present.

The festival, filled with the thoughts of many craftspeople, was a very rich and flavorful trip.

Although we make different things, we share the same passion for craftsmanship.

As factories in the same manufacturing town of Higashi-Osaka, let’s do our best to be competitive! The morning debriefing session turned into a rally of determination. I hope to visit again next year.