Last general morning meeting in 2015

On the last day of this year, we closed the event with a united will of all staff members for the next year.

Our keyword for next year is “harmony!

Harmony means…

Wa” means “to come together peacefully and without strife”: harmony, harmony, reconciliation, and peace.

The meaning of “soften” is to be gentle and mild.

Harmony means that things of different natures dissolve together: neutralization, harmony

Japan: Japanese style, Japanese food, Japanese clothes

Japanese: Japanese style, Japanese food, Japanese clothes, Japanese temple priest: monk

We value the “power of harmony” more than the power of individuals!

(1) On-site First Principle: To sincerely listen to the voices of our partners, in-house factories, construction sites, and other on-site workers, and link them to improvements.

(2) Humble mind: Before blaming the other party, look at yourself.

(3) An honest heart: Be able to express your intentions clearly to others and say “I’m sorry” within three business days.

I believe that building a company is about building people.

Representative Director Kusaba