ALED was featured in an article in Italy!

Finally, ALED is making its international debut. Just a little more than two hours until the exhibition begins… Before that…

We would like to report the information about ALED in Italy! Of course, it’s all in Italian, but please take a look.

CHI E’ CHI” Online article published on January 19
News title: Mr. Kita’s introduction of MADE IN JAPAN at HOMI Milano
Page published: Stile e design ” January 24, 2012 Online article
One of the leading design magazines in Italy.
News title: ALED and AKITA COLLECTION by Toshiyuki Kita

As a preliminary announcement, images of works to be presented at HOMI in gallery format can be viewed at

ILSOLE24ORE.COM” published on January 25th Online article
Online site of a daily newspaper with a circulation of 160,000
News title: La casa più preziosa in mostra a Homi
(An exhibition of the finest houses to be presented in Homi)
Among the 28 latest works featured, 10 images are from the ALED and AKITA COLLECTION designed by Kita.

IL SOLE24ORE” newspaper article published on January 26
A daily newspaper with a circulation of 160,000.

Feature page: CASA24PLUS
ALED and AKITA COLLECTION are featured as a smart lifestyle of HOMI. (Yellow part)