Transition audit to ISO 9001:2015 version and re-certification audit completed

Last week… (sorry for the late update!)

The ISO 9001:2015 transition and re-certification audits have been completed.

We would like to share with you some of the points that were evaluated as “Good Points! We would like to introduce some of the points that were evaluated as “Good Points!

(1) Assembly and manufacturing

 By the suggestion of workers (←This is the key point!) Work tables and assembly jigs were introduced.

 Continuous improvements, such as shortening the work flow, have reduced the number of assembly man-hours.

(2) Sales Planning

 By attending construction sites, education based on actual usage conditions is provided.

 Photographs taken during the training are reflected in sales materials and catalogs.

(3) Parts Manufacturing

 The company set a target of 1,000 days with zero accidents, and achieved 1,222 days of operation through thorough posting and safety checks.

 The next target is “2,000 days.

(4) Quality Control

 To reduce costs associated with calibration, a self-made torque checker and externally calibrated weights were used.

 In-house calibration for torque is now possible.

The next audit will be in one year.

Good Point! Let’s all continue to make improvements so that there will be even more “Good Point!

To everyone in quality control, thank you for your hard work in preparing for and attending the audit!