A helmet with a sturdy appearance that has seen better days.

It may look like a prewar helmet, but in fact it is made of artificial paint. It looks like a prewar helmet, but in fact, it is made of artificial paint.

Rusted finish is applied on top of a special metallic powder paint.

This is a paint product sample found at the Living & Design International Trade Fair held the other day in Nanko, Osaka.

Any material can be turned into various metal skins with a single spray.

~It’s not just a “~style~,” but rather a very realistic quality. The result is not just a “~style~,” but a very realistic and high quality finish.

The unexpected lightness of the paint when you hold it in your hand is also attractive.

This highly reproducible surface treatment can add value to inexpensive materials.

The more this reproduction technology is perfected, the closer we can get to the value of the real thing, as opposed to something made from imitation materials.

While enjoying this trend, I still want to make things that respect the real thing.

I think we are living in such an era.