Feedback on neel universal

We recently received feedback on the neel universal downlight we recently delivered after installation.

From a lighting design office:

Recently, we have been told that “when the universal downlight is angled for lighting adjustment, the back of the ceiling can be seen from below.
With slash cones, the back of the ceiling can be seen from some angles, right?
Moreover, the light leaking from inside the room makes the wiring perfectly visible.
However, this fixture was well designed so that even if the angle is adjusted, the ceiling back is not visible from below.
The site supervisor was very pleased with the design. Since a lot of wood was used in the interior, we wanted a gentle light, so we adopted a type of light source that was not a
mirror cone, but the light source was located deep enough so we didn’t feel any glare at all.
The color temperature was also good with a natural feeling.
I hope to have other series soon.