neel Standard Spotlight now available in brass type

Easy-to-use, compact spotlight “neel Standard

Now available in brass finish.

Even if the light source is the same, the image of a space can be changed just by changing the finish of the fixture.

It may be surprising that brass-finished spotlights have never been available before, but now they are.

We actually tried it on.

This store is a restaurant.

The white neel Standard spotlight was previously installed.

Same space, same light source, same dimming level (this is a 40W halogen spotlight turned down about 60%)

The atmosphere became much tighter and more mature.

We encourage you to select variations of finishes depending on the use of the space and the situation.

Even if you want to focus on the light itself, the fixture itself has a modest assertiveness, so it will finish the space one rank higher with a good sense of style both on and off.