NHK General “News Kin 5 o’clock” TV interview story.

On February 4 (Fri.) at around 5:00 p.m., NHK General “News Kin 5:00 p.m.” featured “Let’s go to Kooba” in a special program on open factories! was featured in the NHK General “News Kin 5 o’clock” around 5:00 p.m. on February 4!

Let’s go to Koba! As a participating company, we were able to talk about the world of manufacturing and open factories.

This time, you especially talked about what happened after the Open Factory was implemented, from the perspective of craftsmen and new employees.

Craftsmen usually work quietly and seriously in the factory.

However, they rarely have the opportunity to learn how and by whom their products are ultimately used.

When the final product reaches the customer, the craftsman is not directly selling the product, so it is difficult to be aware of the creator.

Craftsmen and customers are supposed to be connected through their products, but they do not know each other…. This is the current situation.

(Especially in Higashi-Osaka, there are many factories that make not finished products but only parts of them, so it is even more difficult to recognize the makers.)

This is exactly the reason why we continue to participate in “Let’s go to KOBA! (Kouba e ikou!) is precisely because of this point.

Open Factories with the hope of “conveying the appeal of manufacturing more and getting people more interested in it.

The reason why our company continues to make things is not only because we want to make good products, but also because we want to convey our manufacturing background and culture.

Let’s go to Koba! is carried on with this in mind.

We hope that our TV program has conveyed this desire to you….

We will continue to work together with our friends who participate in “Let’s Go to KOBA! We plan to continue to work with our friends who are participating in the “Let’s Go to Kooba! We hope you will continue to pay attention to this program as we work together with our friends who are participating in KOBA E IKOU!

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