SEIKOSCM produces craftsman’s poem “Wagamichi” music video released.

A music video (music video) for the craftsman’s poem “Wagamichi” produced by SEIKOSCM has been released.

SEIKOSCM’s mission is to “transmit throughout Japan the Japanese manufacturing power that has built Made in Japan”.

As one of the forms of its actions, SEIKOSCM took on the challenge of composing a music video on the theme of “craftsmanship.

The title is “Wagamichi.

It is a message song about the life of an actual craftsman.

Wagamichi” was the actual word that came up when the artist himself talked about his way of life.

Please feel the journey of a craftsman’s life through the song.

The song is sung by Kafu Sato.

He is a singer-songwriter with lyrical melodies and a voice that sinks into your heart. He is a talented singer-songwriter who composed (lyrics by Yasushi Akimoto) AI Misora Hibari’s new song “From Then On,” which was performed at the October 2019 Kohaku Uta Gassen and became a hot topic.

This time, we empathized with the way of life of craftsmen and the culture of monozukuri, and became friends to challenge the creation of a song together.

This song is a poem for all people who live their lives to the fullest, just like the craftsmen who live their lives to the fullest in order to master one thing.

Please watch it along with the video.

My Road / Yoshikaze Sato

Lyrics: Yoshikaze Sato, Hiroko Kusaba (SEIKOSCM)

Composed by Yoshikaze Sato

produced by SEIKOSCM

music video]