Seminar No. 2 – Creating a vibrant company where employees can work with vigor and vitality

This is the second report on last week’s seminar.

The theme was “Creating a vibrant company where employees can work with vigor and vitality.

This time, instead of listening to the lecturer, the seminar is an all-hands-on-deck type.

Divided into five teams of three, each team will discuss the theme.

Then, they summarized their discussions on imitation papers and made presentations.

Three people discuss the theme presented on the spot, summarize their opinions, and create a document.

Moreover, they were given 30 minutes! It is quite hard, but you can hear laughter from each team.

The time given for the presentation was 5 minutes!

The content, as well as the way the presentation sheet was written and presented, was completely different for each team.

These days, presentation materials are usually created on a computer, but the act of writing them by hand on a large piece of paper on the spot is quite interesting.

During the seminar, all the employees who participated in the seminar were very “lively.

I believe that exchanging positive opinions is one of the elements for “working vigorously.