Arrivederci Milano!

HOMI, it was a long and short 4 days.

ALED was highly appreciated, especially by designers, architects, and people involved in space.

I think I naturally smiled while talking with everyone.

(Although there were many situations that would have been out of control without the interpreters.)

It was quite a daring thing for us to participate in a solo exhibition overseas for the first time, but it was not the purpose of the exhibition, so we have to move on to the next stage of the project.

Since I had come to Italy, I went to Milan to visit lighting and interior design stores.



→Corso Europe Emporio Casa

There is a nice space called “Flos lounge” in the basement.
Nice space, nice lighting and nice furniture.
It was a lot of fun!

Lighting fixtures are a function of the space. Lighting makes the most of the space. I realized that once again.

I also visited Duomo, the symbol of Milan. It is a wonderful Gothic architecture!

Now, I will return to Japan via Rome.